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 Five years in the making with Super Microbioneer colleague Rob Knight and company to define the boundaries of the human microbiome we are proud to publish the largest data set (10,000 + people from >40 countries) in microbiome history with the help of 50+ of the leading microbiome researchers from around the world.  

Freeze dried vs. my Fresh Direct method.  We shall see!!!

The New Yorker does it again with the usual ground breaking research on just what I am attempting.

by Clarisse A. Marotz & Amir Zarrinpar of the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA; Division of Gastroenterology


Here's a recent over view of FMTs, history, methodologies, current status and evolving potentials.  

I am on the right track.

Ever wonder why those antibiotic warnings include psychiatric symptoms?

Antibiotic purges prior to FMT treatments NOT A GOOD IDEA, so  why this is still being done by certain clinics and gastroenterologists begs the question about medical professionals not doing their homework. 

by  Chaysavanh Manichanh, Jens Reeder, Prudence Gibert, Encarna Varela, Marta Llopis, Maria Antolin, Roderic Guigo, Rob Knight, and Francisco Guarner  for NCBI 

Like I've been saying,  Clinical applications en route...

Without our full complement of microbes (which most of us no longer have) we are not completely human...

A new study illuminates the problems antibiotic overuse could cause for individual patients.  

No quick recovery it seems-if your doctor tells you: "You'll be fine in two weeks"  RUN

Obese diabetics with Metabolic Syndrome (my issue) received ONE FMT and improved their insulin resistance.  I had similar results last year.  See Project Tracking

FINALLY White House gets into the act!  Ok, that was last year, there's enough crap in D.C. right now to provide a million years of BAD DONOR samples, like forever. 

Let's all hold tight till 2018 and 2020 and RELECT sane people so we can get on with the SCIENCE. 

Are the Australians way out in front of this?  Poo Roo Mate.

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Amsterdam Study
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