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Not Confused...

Why Am I My Own Lab Rat?

A few weeks ago, whilst listening to my BBC lullaby (the most effective insomnia machine out there) I caught a report about the CDC FINALLY updating their guidelines on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you know that "mysterious" malady millions suffer from for which they allege there is no known cause. NONSENSE. I have it, I didn't before and I know WHY I have it. In the before time, when I did at least 4 hours a day of exercise etc and had an active, busy life, fatigue was NOT on the menu. Antibiotics, unfortunately were. There were warnings in my blood work, annoying upticks in my weight and then ZAM-Lyme. Then KABOOM a year of antibiotics -followed by a host of symptoms others might call "chronic fatigue". Oddly enough I never did, because I KNEW I was fatigued beyond imagining and I KNEW it had to do with the destruction of my gut flora and I KNEW that was related to my sleep difficulties. So it never occurred to me, till a few weeks ago to call what I had "chronic fatigue". Julie Rehmeyer and David Tuller outline in their article "Why did it take the CDC so long to reverse course on debunked treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome? No mystery to me. Check out my site and solution.


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