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On February 13th,16th,20th,22nd and 26th of 2015 I conducted 5 FMTs using a donor who met many of my health criteria. Three things happened. My glucose fasting levels went down below 100.  My skin rash disappeared for a year.  My weight remained stable for a year.  The  time line and charts below demonstrate shifts in gut flora at the Genus rank.  

FMT Period

Please note that between the time I had the  5 FMTs in February and April 6th 2015 there was a dramatic shift in basic microbial communities.  Bacteroides and Faecalibacterium dropping off with an upsurge  of Corynebacterium and Prevotella by April. I experienced positive health improvements as noted above.  Is this casual or causal?  Earlier symptoms returned over the next year as did the basic percentages of gut flora as noted in the September 6th 2016 graph. 

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