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Nation's largest non-profit fecal donor bank expanding safe access to fecal transplants and catalyzing research into the human microbioime.  Started by MIT grad students, of course!  Check Out Wix page

Microbes R Us, we ignore this relationship at our peril.  Jeff Leach is a latter day microbial Indiana Jones, traveling the globe and our micro biomes for insights into the very essence of what it meant and means to be human. 

Catch the Video of Jeff in Tanzania with his Hadza Hunter Gatherer friends who have their ancestral microbial acts together! 

"The American Gut is one of the largest crowd sourced, citizen science projects in the country. We discover new information daily to shed light on the the connections between the human microbiome and health."

Catch the TED talk by Dr. Knight 

And the Book: Follow Your Gut

23andMe for Your Gut Flora

Case Studies Galore.  My testing criteria are stricter and my protocols different but the goals are not. 

Poop in a pill for a long list of ailments are now clearly in the sites of BioTech start-ups like Seres Therapeutics and others and 11 OTHERS.   


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